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Welcome to the Metro New Jersey Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association web site!

The purpose of the Metro NJ ISOA is to recruit, train, and retain highly capable intercollegiate soccer officials. This is accomplished by providing ongoing educational opportunities to our members, promoting the standards set forth by the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association and the NCAA and by promoting the game of intercollegiate soccer.

2020 DUES:
If you have not sent in your 2020 dues as of this point, you are not registered for 2020. You can still register but please contact to our treasurer at howards33@aol.com to confirm your balance due.

2020 Season Updates (9-14-20):

All badges and preseason packets have been mailed by NISOA. If you haven't received yours, please give it a bit more time as the postal service has experienced delays during the pandemic and for those that registered late, you may experience additional delays. Various conferences have discussed possibly playing competitive soccer in the spring season. Nothing is definitive at this point but if there is any kind of spring season, you would wear your 2020 badge.


We were planning to have a chapter meeting on Tuesday, 9/15/20. Since there is no soccer being played, we are postponing that meeting. We may have a virtual meeting in October and/or around the late January, early February timeline which would be designed to present and review the 2020 soccer rules changes in preparation for spring soccer. In the meantime, NISOA has published on their you tube channel recordings of the summer educational series webinars including several on the 2020 rules changes:




NISOA has not made any decision regarding 2021 dues. Once that has been communicated to chapters, we will cascade it to the membership and let you know what we will be doing about 2021 dues. 

Region 19 (Junior Colleges) have officially moved their entire season to the Spring of 2021. Make sure your availability is updated in Arbiter. 

2020 Chapter Gatherings:

The following are all the meeting dates for the 2020 season:

Chapter Meeting: Tuesday, September 15th, POSTPONED

Chapter Meeting: Monday, October 12th, webmeeting. Details to follow.

MEMBERSHIP INFO:  Please contact membership chairman Mark Blaszka if you have any individuals that would like consideration for membership.   

Congratulations to our new members for 2019: John Antinoro, Nathaniel Hirschman, Ben Malka, Pedro Manata, Cory Pedalino, Vincent Vicci. And a 'welcome back' to Kyle Haddock.

2019 NCAA Post Season Test

To those NISOA officials who want to be eligible for NCAA Post-season games, you must take and pass this test.  If you do not want to be eligible for NCAA post season games, there is no need to take this test.

1.  The test to be eligible for NCAA post season games only must be taken.  
2.  You access the test through the NCAA Hub on Arbiter.  
3.  Before you can take the test, you must register on the NCAA HUB, and pay $65 upfront to the NCAA electronically.
4.  This is a different test than the NISOA refresher test.


Regarding the 2020 test, at this point, there is no NCAA postseason so there is no need to take/pass this test.

The 2019 NISOA Refresher Examination is available via the link below.   The exam is based on the 2018-2019 NCAA Rules and any 2019 rule changes.  As in the past, this is NOT the NCAA pre season test nor the National Referee Program test.  This test must be completed prior to the preseason ppt/clinic.

2019 Refresher Test

Refresher Test Answer Sheet

The Latest News

If you eject someone from your match, you must file the report electronically within 24 hours of match completion.  The form is located on the Arbitersports website in the NCAA HUB account. Reminder that you no longer need to mail or fax the supplemental ejection report that had been used in season's past. You can also access the form here:  https://ncaasoccer.arbitersports.com/front/106254/Site/Posts

2019 Season Info

Rule changes for the 2019 season can be downloaded here:  2019 Rule Changes

If you would like to download a copy of the NCAA 2018-19 rule book, you can do it here: 2018-19 Rule Book

NISOA has introduced new uniforms. Information can be found here:  New NISOA Uniform

The Assessment Program: if you would like to obtain an assessment please contact Bill Guarini.  A limited amount of chapter funding is available to defray the assessment cost.


there is a new online report for 2017.  All Referees are required to complete the Region 19 game report and submit the form electronically within 24 hours only if there were cautions/ejections issued.  In other words, the report needs to completed ONLY if there were any cautions and/or ejections issued during the match.  If no cautions and/or ejections were issued, it is not necessary to complete the game report.