Prospective Members




Our chapter membership consists of approximately 80 of the finest soccer officials in the New Jersey Metropolitan area including several NISOA National Referees and National Referee Candidates.  Our geographic area includes the northern portion of New Jersey although any current NISOA member in good standing can apply for membership.  If you wish to transfer into the Metro NJ chapter, the process is done online through Arbiter.

Current Metro NJ ISOA National Referees:

Pete Mandell
Pajazit Menoski
Daun White

New Members

The chapter is continually recruiting qualified soccer officials for membership. New membership criteria is based on the current NISOA policy as well as our chapter policy (see below).  We strive to attract quality, experienced officials.   If you meet the criteria and would like to become a member of NISOA and our chapter, please contact our membership chairperson, Mark Blaszka at mblaszka@asbury.com. Exam is typically administered in the Feb/March timeline.



New Member Application Requirements

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.  The applicant must submit all fees (local, national and New Member Uniform Kit) in three (3) checks made out to Metro NJ ISOA, NISOA National and Official Sports International (OSI).   The Metro NJ Chapter contact, currently David Cymerman, facilitates the process of receiving the fees and forwarding to NISOA.   

The following MUST be completed by the NEW APPLICANT to obtain membership to Metro NJ ISOA as a PROBATIONARY MEMBER.

1. Must submit 3 letters of recommendation from NISOA members in good standing with at least 5 years of experience in officiating intercollegiate soccer. These letters are to be sent to the Membership Chairperson, currently Mark Blaszka.
2. Must have at least 3 years of game experience at the High School Varsity level or attained USSF grade 6 or higher or USSF grade 7 with at least 25 games referee experience at the U19 level or above.
3. Must have officiated as a referee in at least 25 games at the high school varsity, amateur or (semi) professional level.
4. Must have officiated the required games under the approved officiating system of NISOA (diagonal system of control).
5. Must pass the NISOA Qualifying Exam by minimum 75%.
6. Must pass the current NISOA Physical Fitness Test.
7. Must submit the NISOA Medical Physical Exam signed by a certified physician.

The NISOA Referee Training Camp is acceptable for all testing listed above for new applicants.  An applicant is eligible to take the Physical Fitness test and/or the written qualifying test twice within the calendar year.

The probationary period may be up to two (2) years after meeting all above requirements. During this time the probationary member must pass 2 field performance assessments one of which must be as a center referee or 5 positive evaluations by 5 qualified veteran NISOA members using the PERFORMANCE EVALUATION FORM.  An official may be recommended to be a full active member by the membership committee during this period.  The committee may also extend probation or recommend removal of probationary official from membership to Metro NJ by a majority vote from the Board of Trustees.

Anyone interested in becoming a member must contact the chapter's membership chairperson, Mark Blaszka at markref@comcast.net

Probationary Member Requirements

Effective with the 2015 season, the evaluation form will no longer be used.  Probationary members will be required to obtain at minimum 2 assessments on college matches.  One assessment must be as a referee and one may be an Assistant Referee.  Assessments must be coordinated through the Assessment Program Coordinator, Bill Guarini.