Policies and Procedures

Meeting Requirements

Business meetings are held at posted locations during the soccer season. To meet the NISOA requirement, members must attend a total of 3 scheduled meetings one of which must be the Metro NJ ISOA annual rules interpretation meeting. Members may attend a rules interpretation meeting from other chapters coordinated through both chapter secretaries.  Meeting locations and times are posted in the calendar section.  

NISOA Fitness Test

Members are required to annually complete the NISOA Physical Performance Test (PPT) and achieve the minimum required average score to remain in good standing. The chapter administers the test annually, usually on the second Saturday in August.

If a member chooses to take the NISOA PPT with another chapter, the member is responsible to contact that chapter directly to determine if the chapter is accepting guests, as well as finding out the time and location of the test. The member is also responsible to ensure the administering chapter representative sends the test results to our Chapter Secretary.

All who participate in the PPT are required to submit documentation of the medical evaluation or the medical waiver to the Executive Board before performing the test. The Executive Board strongly recommends members to get a complete physical evaluation from their medical professional before taking the fitness test. Take the medical exam form to your medical professional, have it signed by your medical professional and bring the completed form with you to the fitness test.  If you decide not to have a doctor’s certification, you may bring the medical waiver form with you to the testing site.  Members will not be permitted to take the fitness test until they submit one of these two forms to the Executive Board before the test.  Members who take the NISOA PPT at a National Referee Academy or at the NISOA Referee Training Camp must present their signed test results to the Chapter Secretary for recording to satisfy the requirement.

Fitness test results are shared with assignors upon request.

Annual Rules Refresher Test

Chapter members are required to complete the NISOA Rules Refresher Test annually. The test will be available for download from our web site when it is available from NISOA. The exam will be reviewed at our Annual Rules Interpretation Meeting.


The Executive Board will annually set the chapter dues.  Chapter member dues must be received by the Chapter Treasurer by the deadline presented to the membership for the subsequent season.  Late fees will apply as follows:

Dues received after the deadline: $25 late fee

Dues received after December 31st: $50 late fee

Members who elect to file for inactive status must inform the chapter secretary by December 15th of the current year and pay the applicable NISOA inactive dues.  If a member changes their status from active to inactive after the chapter roster and dues are submitted to NISOA, they will not be entitled a NISOA dues refund.  According to NISOA policy, one may only be inactive for 1 season.  If you have a situation that requires you to remain inactive for more than 1 season, please contact a member of the executive board to discuss your situation.

Any member that has a personal hardship should review the Metro NJ ISOA Hardship Policy.  The form must be completed and signed and sent to the Chapter President by December 15th of the current year.  First payment must be made no later than February 1st of the subsequent year.